ATI 7000 and dual-monitor X? (was Re: 9600 maturity?)

Geert Uytterhoeven geert at
Wed Apr 17 16:37:35 EST 2002

On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Michel Lanners wrote:
> On  16 Apr, this message from Olaf Hering echoed through cyberspace:
> >> > 1. Is the Radeon 7000 supported in XFree86? Rather, the real question
> >> > is, does anyone know of any gotchas trying to run it in accelerated
> >> > mode?
> >>
> >> ATI tends to make new cards which are really just newer revisions of older
> >> ASICs.  For example, the Radeon 7200 is realy just a regular radeon with
> >> 64meg DDR (and perhaps higher clocks).  So its highly possible that the
> >> 7000 is a radeon VE (considering its dualhead).  If so, then it is
> >> supported.  Even if it isn't, adding support should be very trivial as it
> >> contains the same 1st generation Radeon ASIC.
> >
> > It is a VE, but I have one report where it fails on a 9600, after
> > loading vgahw.a or something like that. Maybe it must go into another
> > slot or the guy has to boot without video=ofonly.
> Loading vgahw.a? Hmmm, that looks suspiciously like problem accessing
> legacy hardcoded VGA ports on the second bus (which as Ben explains
> doesn't support that).
> Can somebody please teach XFree to leave those VGA ports alone on PPC?
> Are they of _any_ use on any PPC machine?

Any PPC \not \in PowerMac?



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