PPB Bug in PowerSurge: was: 9600 maturity

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Mon Apr 15 19:29:19 EST 2002

>I suspect I'm going to feel silly for needing to ask this, but how do
>I contact DTS and what does it stand for?
>I was aware that there was a patch for the 6400.   Does that same
>patch solve the multi-level PPB problem in PowerSurge as well?

I'm not sure, I may have been confused by those 2 issues ;)

>Thank you again.  I'm ecstatic to have received this info from you.
>I wasn't expecting to ever get any info on this issue.  Most people
>don't seem to know about it, or aren't willing to discuss it, maybe.

Well, DTS is Apple's Developer Technical Support. Did you try
contacting them ? (You may need a registerd Apple devel. account
for this though).


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