GT64260 merge warning

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Thu Apr 4 08:11:02 EST 2002

benh at writes:

> I'm almost done with the new bi_rec stuffs, I'll push it to _2_5
> this week as soon as I've tested a bit.

Interesting...  I hope we're not going to end up with a lot of extra
complexity for not very much gain, though.  If we are going to have a
more complex bi_rec setup, let's make sure that it is capable of
expressing a complete device tree.  If not then I would prefer to see
a minimal amount of extra complexity.

In other words I think there are 2 tenable positions: the minimal one,
which just adds a BI_MAC_ADDR and maybe a BI_GT64260_ADDR tag to the
existing list of tags (and makes no change to the bi_rec structure),
and a full-featured one which allows for a tree of device records with
each device having a list of properties, each with a string name and
arbitrary binary data.


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