GT64260 merge warning

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Wed Apr 3 16:23:18 EST 2002

Troy Benjegerdes writes:

> I'm getting close to a point where I want to start merging appropriate
> things from the linuxppc_2_4_galileo tree on into
> 2_4_devel.

I'll be interested to see it - I'm in code review mode at the moment. :)

> The first thing I'm going to do is a moderately large cleanup to
> drivers/net/gt64260_eth.c.

Good.  Can you get rid of the config option for the MAC address?
Please? :)  I suggest that we define a BI_MAC_ADDRESS bi_rec type
which is used to pass in a default MAC address for the system, and we
use that (single) MAC address for all the ethernet interfaces on the
system which don't have any way to find out a MAC address for that
specific interface.


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