mvme5100 memory model ?

Xavier Grave grave at
Fri Sep 14 01:57:03 EST 2001

> > "chrp-like".  CFGA and CFGD are not at chrp compliant locations
> due to limitations of the hawk smc.  As far as PCI I/O and Mem
> space, it is the same.

One more question so : why the Hawk chip doesn't appear in the /proc/iomem

Last question for today :-)

  carte.bus_delta = carte.pci->resource[0].start - tmp;

on the mvme2303 board this code gives a bus delta = 0xc000 0000
so with your last information (chrp like) I am waiting for a 0x4000 0000
for the mvme5100 board. I am getting 0x0000 0000 on the mvme5100 board.

Any idea why ?

Thanks in advance for any answer.

O+ xavier

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