mvme5100 hawk configuration problem ?

Xavier Grave grave at
Thu Sep 13 22:41:43 EST 2001


I have two board with a 2.4.10 kernel (bk tree) :
on the mvme2303 cat /proc/iomem gives :
c0000000-feffffff : PCI host bridge
  effeef80-effeefff : Digital Equipment Corporation DECchip 21140
  effef000-effeffff : Tundra Semiconductor Corp. CA91C042 [Universe]
  fc000000-fc03ffff : Motorola Raven
on the mvme5100 cat /proc/iomem gives :
00000000-ffffffff : <BAD>
  f3f00000-f3f1ffff : Intel Corporation 82559ER (#2)
  f3f3d000-f3f3dfff : Intel Corporation 82559ER (#2)
    f3f3d000-f3f3dfff : eepro100
  f3f3e000-f3f3efff : Symbios Logic Inc. (formerly NCR) 53c895
  f3f3ff00-f3f3ffff : Symbios Logic Inc. (formerly NCR) 53c895
  f3f40000-f3f5ffff : Intel Corporation 82559ER
  f3f7e000-f3f7efff : Intel Corporation 82559ER
    f3f7e000-f3f7efff : eepro100
  f3f7f000-f3f7ffff : Tundra Semiconductor Corp. CA91C042 [Universe]

I have written a module driver for the vme chip real-time and non-real-time
(it is very inspired from the one from
Gabriel Paubert), the modules load without problem on the mvme 2303 but not
on the mvme5100 ?
Any idea of the problem ? I will have a look on the mvme5100_setup.c and
mvme5100_pci.c files.

O+ xavier

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