egcs vs gcc-2.95.x

Cort Dougan cort at
Fri Sep 7 04:30:22 EST 2001

Is this a comment by me?  If so, that was a problem with
__builtin_return_address() not working in leaf functions which still exists
today, I believe.  The "fix" there is a hack to leave those outline in lieu
of the inline versions so that several functions were made non-leaf.

In some other projects I've used changed those around so that
__builtin_return_address() is redefined to call another stub function so
that it's always called in a non-leaf function.  It's cleaner and more
reliable, but not any prettier.

} Hello all.  I happened to be skimming asm/byteorder.h for some reason, and
} noticed that we have ___arch__swab16/___arch__swab32 written, but #if 0'ed
} because of an egcs bug.  A bit of grep'ing showed that set_bit (asm/bitops.h)
} used to be #if 0'ed because of another egcs bug but isn't now.  So the
} question is, is anyone still using egcs to compile a kernel?  If, so
} what version (1.0.x or 1.1.x) and does anyone remember what version of
} egcs produced the bug?
} If nothing else, perhaps in 2.5 this should go away..
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