GeForce on PPC == _no work_

Bastien Nocera hadess at
Tue Oct 30 04:51:46 EST 2001

Ani Joshi wrote:

> On 29 Oct 2001, Michel [ISO-8859-1] Dänzer wrote:
>>I don't see the point of begging them for support though if there are
>>other companies who already support us.
> So all the people with GeForce's in macs should have to buy ATI cards?
> That is a subpar solution, and ridiculous in my mind.
>>Someone (Bastien Nocera IIRC) asked nVidia at a show if they planned to
>>release their drivers for PPC in the future, and they said no. Not even

What I was told by a marketing guy (no techies available at the ECTS
last year), that "NVidia either supports fully themselves [through dodgy
binary drivers] or not at all". Then again, that might be what the
company says to avoid any lengthy talks and pleas.

> That means nothing.  It doesn't mean they will not help us get things
> going on macs.  I have a few contacts at nVidia and they have helped  a
> LOT recently with the support so far, so if they didn't care at all then
> we wouldnt be as far as we are now.

Well, that's good, but I know I wouldn't want to buy a PowerMac with an
NVidia card until they change their policy or at least that you can tell
me that NVidia *as a company* is making efforts.

> Just because it isn't working today, doesn't mean it won't work tomorrow.
> ATI never helped before, and after R128 they decided to really help, is
> that to say we should have given up after mach64?

Fair enough, and all your hard work is much appreciated, just as
Michel's, Sven's, Geert's and everybody would put their nose into making
the most important output device of our Macs work better.


/Bastien Nocera

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