Sound on G4 tower, almost

Derrik Pates dpates at
Mon Oct 22 15:28:11 EST 2001

On Sun, 21 Oct 2001, Dave Ray wrote:

> Has anyone explored sound on the G4 towers? I
> understand they use an 12c-based sound card similar to
> the iBook2.

Texas, aka Tumbler. AFAIK exact same chipset as the iBook2's are outfitted

> I tried the iBook sound hack on the G4 tower to see
> what happens. It appears to be partly successful. The
> sound driver loads and registers the deq, but when I
> try to do anything that writes to the device I get
> silence and "can't locate module..." errors in the
> syslog. Below are the details. I'm guessing the hack
> is partly successful but the "tumbler" is failing.

Looking at the messages, it looks like everything is loading and initing
correctly. The messages below, however:

> Oct 19 20:54:38 garuda modprobe: modprobe: Can't
> locate module sound-slot-1
> Oct 19 20:54:38 garuda modprobe: modprobe: Can't
> locate module sound-service-1-0

seem to indicate something is trying to open /dev/mixer1 instead of
/dev/mixer0 (which /dev/mixer should either be a symlink pointing to, or a
dev node with the same major/minor numbers). What does your /dev/mixer
look like? It shuld be major 14, minor 0. Check
/usr/src/linux/Documentation/devices.txt for all the major/minor numbers
for devices (including sound devices).

In other words, the Texas chip is probably functioning fine - you have to
tell it to do something now, though...

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