Late Broadcom link detection makes IP config (bootp) fail

Michael Clark michael at
Mon Oct 22 12:31:49 EST 2001


I just compiled up 2.4.13-pres-benh0 and am trying to netboot my iMac.
I am using the following commandline:

     ip=bootp nfsroot=,rw

The boot messages show that the broadcom is found:

     eth0: Found broadcom BCM5201 PHY

IP-Config initialises but doesn't send any request as I suspect the link
on eth0 is down. Root NFS then runs and fails due to network being down.

Later in the logs after unable to mount root kernel panic I see:

     eth0:    Link up ! BCM5201/5221 aux_stat: 0x003e
     eth0:    Full duplex: 0, Speed: 100

Why does the eth0 link come up so late? Is it possible to make the
broadcom driver wait for link before returning from the initialisation


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