Compiling BootX?

Takashi Oe toe at
Mon Oct 15 13:53:28 EST 2001

On Sun, 14 Oct 2001, Andrew P McPherson wrote:

> I'm attempting to port the experimental nubus-pmac kernel to 68k Macs
> upgraded with a PowerPC card.  I have found that the BootX version
> modified for the Nubus powermacs, avalable at,
> nearly works with my Quadra 700+PPC card, but that it hangs while
> configuring the video.

It would be very nice if we can build BootX with freely available tools,
but, that said, I'd think Apple's MkLinux Booter should work on your
machine.   Of course, you still need to port the kernel, but you have one
less thing to worry about.

Takashi Oe

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