Compiling BootX?

Andrew P McPherson apm at MIT.EDU
Sun Oct 14 17:44:30 EST 2001

I'm attempting to port the experimental nubus-pmac kernel to 68k Macs
upgraded with a PowerPC card.  I have found that the BootX version
modified for the Nubus powermacs, avalable at,
nearly works with my Quadra 700+PPC card, but that it hangs while
configuring the video.

I have a decent idea of what needs to be done to fix it, but the problem I
have is this: BootX appears to require CodeWarrior to compile.  I don't
have CodeWarrior.  I only have Apple's Project Builder tools.   So is
there any way I can compile BootX under Project Builder?  Project Builder
for OS X would be ideal, but I could use a Classic version as well.

Does anyone have a project file that would allow this, or if not, have any
idea what I would have to do to make one?

Thanks for any help.  If this is the wrong place to ask this question, I


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