VGA out on ibook2

Félix Ortega guile at
Mon Oct 15 02:18:11 EST 2001

En sáb, 2001-10-13 a 13:05, Michel Dänzer escribio:
> Do you use Option "UseFBDev" in X?
Yes. I'm using Ati driver 16bit depth with the option UseFBDev,
PanelWidth 1024 and PanelHeigth 768.
The behaviour of the vga out it's a little strange. If I boot without
the external monitor conected, when I turn on external monitor with
m3mirror, I have the "wavy" image I described in the other message. But
if I boot with the external monitor connected, from OpenFirmware I have
external monitor and when I boot I have a cuasi-perfect text console and
an X console like if it's on another depth. If I put the X Server at 8
bit depth, I can see almost perfect picture (the colors are wrong). If I
put 16 or 24 bit, I have a "dual" screen, the screen divided in planes
so if I move the cursor across the middle of the screen, the cursor in
the external monitor exits right and enter left. If I switch back to the
text console, everything is ok.
I have tried with Ati Xfree and with FrameBuffer X, with the same
I have dumped the struct aty128_crtc with printk's in the function
aty128_set_crt_enable, and it has allways the same values.
I'm a little confused because is the first time I try to tweak a driver,
anyone can help me?
Sorry my poor english, please....
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