[ANN] yaboot-1.3.4 released

Ethan Benson erbenson at alaska.net
Sun Oct 14 17:51:28 EST 2001

I have released yaboot 1.3.4.

It is available at:


The main interesting change is the addition of SGI XFS filesystem

This version also fixes several bugs in regards to file loading, and
network/tftp boot.

Here is the complete changelog for this version:

        * Version 1.3.4

        * ybin: Correct a verbosity message.

        * yaboot:
          - Add SGI XFS filesystem support.
          - Rewrite OpenFirmware device path parsing code.  This fixes
            many bugs and inconsistencies in yaboot's file loading.
          - Fix OpenFirmware filesystem support to automatically convert
            path separator from / to \.  CDROM authors no longer need to use
            kludges like image=\\install\\powermac\\vmlinux.
          - Fix kernel loading on some systems.
          - Allow for getting files from tftp server that does not run a
          - Fix netboot when using the `n' key.
          - Fix a great deal of incorrect format strings which could cause
            yaboot crashes.
          - Fix all filesystems to properly return error conditions, and
            report those error conditions (instead of just saying `image not
          - Make configuration file open error consistent with other file
            open errors.
          - Add `help' command to yaboot which prints out basic usage information.
          - Add non-fatal warning when bootstrap partition has wrong type (pmac only).
          - Minor code rearrangement.
          - General cruft removal and code cleanup.

        * Makefile cleanup, make filesystems configurable.

Have fun!

Ethan Benson

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