now random kernel panics with aic7xxx driver 6.2.4 in kernel 2.4.12

Kevin B. Hendricks khendricks at
Sun Oct 14 23:17:11 EST 2001

Hi Justin,

Well, the idea of passing tag_info to the aic7xxx did help me boot but now
I am getting random kernel panics.  So I upgraded to your latest 6.2.4
with Ben's 2.4.12 and overnight when no activity was present, I got a

I rebooted and tried again and got another panic.

I have attached the relevant information from  /var/log/messages.
It seems to involve a different drive now on that same card.

Would you please take a look at the log and let me know if there is
anything that jumps out at you?

If not, I will simply downgrade to the old driver since I really need a
stable system right now and then try your driver again later sometime in
the future.



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