broken startup for scsi in 2.4.12 rsync'd this morning

Kevin B. Hendricks khendricks at
Sun Oct 14 06:39:40 EST 2001

Hi Ben,

> I've neem myself experiencing various kernel lockups at boot with SCSI
> enabled & aic7xxx. In fact, I had some problems with .11 too with a
> disk not reponding on my dual G4.
> I don't know what's up, but I'd apreciate if you could send me the
> panic infos so I can start tracing it.

Unforutnately there really isn't any kind of backtrace info given by the

All that it says is (hand copied)

scsi0:A:1 ahc_intr - referenced scb not vlaid during seqint 0x71 scb(0)

scsio: Dumping Card State in Message - in phase at SEQADDR 0x1c1


Kernel panic: for safety
In interrupt handler - not syncing
<0>Rebooting in 180 seconds.

I found the line in the aic7xxx.c  file which prints this.  It seems
ahc_lookup_scb() returns 0 and then it does the kernel panic.

I can't seem to find any backtrace info for the System map. and none of
the messages get written to log - I guess because no sync is done?

I would be happy to copy down all of the Adaptec debug info but I am not
sure it will help.

Is there a way to force ithe kernel to drop into some sort of debug mode
upon doing a "panic"?



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