kernel linking segfaults??

Michel Lanners mlan at
Sat Oct 13 07:49:14 EST 2001

Hi all,

Now that Ben fixed the serial console problem, I've tried again to
compile recent 2.4 kernels (2.4.12-benh0 that is) on my venerable 7600.

However, compilation fails on the final link stage:

ld -T arch/ppc/ -Ttext 0xc0000000 -Bstatic arch/ppc/kernel/head.o init/main.o init/version.o \
        --start-group \
        arch/ppc/kernel/kernel.o arch/ppc/mm/mm.o arch/ppc/lib/lib.o kernel/kernel.o mm/mm.o fs/fs.o ipc/ipc.o arch/ppc/xmon/x.o \
         drivers/char/char.o drivers/block/block.o drivers/misc/misc.o drivers/net/net.o drivers/media/media.o drivers/char/drm/drm.o drivers/ide/idedriver.o drivers/scsi/scsidrv.o drivers/cdrom/driver.o drivers/sound/sounddrivers.o drivers/pci/driver.o drivers/pcmcia/pcmcia.o drivers/net/pcmcia/pcmcia_net.o drivers/net/wireless/wireless_net.o drivers/macintosh/macintosh.o drivers/video/video.o drivers/usb/usbdrv.o drivers/input/inputdrv.o drivers/i2c/i2c.o \
        net/network.o \
        /usr/src/2.4/linux-2.4.benh/lib/lib.a \
        --end-group \
        -o vmlinux
make: *** [vmlinux] Segmentation fault
make: *** Deleting file `vmlinux'

Since the 7600 has some weirdo old LinuxPPC install with a rather old
toolchain, I thought I'd try on the TiBook (Debian testing), but same
result (both with the 7600's kernel config and the Book's).

Anybody got any clue here?

Thanks, and cheers


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