bug in XFree86 4.1.0 with Rage 128 driver?

Kevin Hendricks khendricks at ivey.uwo.ca
Thu Oct 11 22:53:25 EST 2001

Hi All.

>> I don't feel qualified to do that. Xpert at XFree86.Org is a mailing list
>> which
>> the author of this code and other very competent XFree86 hackers read,
>> or if
>> you're absolutely sure the fix is correct, please submit it to
>> fixes at XFree86.Org .


I just don't see how using an uninitialized variable in an "if"
statement can be anything else but a bug.  You could have at least
looked at the code in question before replying.  You are a member of
XFree representing ppc linux aren't you?  I assumed with your signature
and your earlier responses, you were the right person to contact.  If
not, I apologize for bothering you.

> keithp already put something in the CVS. It did not work with "ati", but
> with fbdev (clgen).
> The patch fixed it for me on the Pismo.

Thanks Olaf,

Glad to see it helped and is in CVS.


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