Fwd: Re: bug in XFree86 4.1.0 with Rage 128 driver?

Olaf Hering olh at suse.de
Thu Oct 11 21:49:40 EST 2001

On Thu, Oct 11, Michel Dänzer wrote:

> "Kevin B. Hendricks" wrote:
> > The bug was in XF 4.1.0 in Xrender.c not in OpenOffice
> >
> > The patch is attached.  They (XF4 guys) simply missed changing a variable
> > name and ended up using random garbage in an "if"
> Why does it work with the fbdev driver then?
> > Michel will you see that this makes it into the next XF 4.X release for us.
> I don't feel qualified to do that. Xpert at XFree86.Org is a mailing list which
> the author of this code and other very competent XFree86 hackers read, or if
> you're absolutely sure the fix is correct, please submit it to
> fixes at XFree86.Org .

keithp already put something in the CVS. It did not work with "ati", but
with fbdev (clgen).
The patch fixed it for me on the Pismo.

Gruss Olaf

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