Fwd: Re: bug in XFree86 4.1.0 with Rage 128 driver?

Kevin B. Hendricks khendricks at ivey.uwo.ca
Thu Oct 11 12:53:18 EST 2001

Hi Michel (and FYI Herbert).

The bug was in XF 4.1.0 in Xrender.c not in OpenOffice

The patch is attached.  They (XF4 guys) simply missed changing a variable
name and ended up using random garbage in an "if"

Dan and Olaf, if you haven't gone to press with new releases, you probably
should include this one in your next respin builds of XFree86 4.1.0

Michel will you see that this makes it into the next XF 4.X release for us.



> Will you please look at the following diff from Xrender.c in XF 4.0.2 to
> Xrender.c in XF410.  It looks very strange.  Starting in lie 190.
> It seems they no longer Xmalloc a value for xFormat (they now use xData)
> but just one line later they check if xFormat is zero.

> The code before that in XRenderQueryFormats() doesNOT set a value for
> xFormat at all after its is declared and before it is tested.

> I think someone just missed changing and xFormat to an xData unless I am
> missing something here.

> Kevin

>@@ -190,19 +191,20 @@
>               rep.numScreens * sizeof (xPictScreen) +
>               rep.numDepths * sizeof (xPictDepth) +
>               rep.numVisuals * sizeof (xPictVisual));
>-    xFormat = (xPictFormInfo *) Xmalloc (rlength);
>+    xData = (void *) Xmalloc (rlength);
>     if (!xri || !xFormat)
>     {
>        if (xri) Xfree (xri);
>-       if (xFormat) Xfree (xFormat);
>+       if (xData) Xfree (xData);
>        _XEatData (dpy, rlength);
>        UnlockDisplay (dpy);
>        SyncHandle ();
>        return 0;
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