Proposed solution for interrupt mapping on CPCI and PPMC CPU ports

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Thu Oct 11 10:12:45 EST 2001

Michael Sokolov writes:

> Here then is the solution I propose for the world (I'm going to publish it as a
> spec). It goes like this. Anybody who makes a PPMC carrier board or CPCI
> backplane provides an INTMAP.TBL file (in the specified format) with it
> describing its interrupt map. INTMAP.TBL is 84 bytes long, 4 bytes for each AD
> line from 11 to 31. The first 4 bytes correspond to AD11, the next 4 to AD12,
> and so on, the last 4 bytes correspond to AD31. Each such 4-byte record
> describes the interrupt routing for the device whose IDSEL line is connected to
> the corresponding AD line. The 4 bytes correspond to that device's INTA#,
> INTB#, INTC#, and INTD# lines in this order. Each byte says how will this
> interrupt be presented to the monarch PPMC or the plane in the system slot.
> Values 01 through 04 correspond to the INTA-D# lines on the monarch PPMC or
> CPCI system slot connector respectively, value 00 means no such interrupt, and
> all other values are undefined.

Sounds OK, but I wonder why you want a binary format rather than
something more easily human-readable?


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