flush_tlbs bug in arch/ppc/kernel/head.S ?

Jeffrey D. Kowing jeffrey.d.kowing1 at jsc.nasa.gov
Mon Oct 1 06:18:10 EST 2001

In arch/ppc/kernel/head.S (for linuxppc_2_4) the "blt" branch in the
flush_tlbs procedure doesn't seem right.  If the intent is to
invalidate TLBs with effective addresses from 0x0000_0000 -
0x0400_0000, then the "blt" should be a "bgt".  Am I crazy/stupid ???

	lis	r20, 0x40
1:	addic.	r20, r20, -0x1000
	tlbie	r20
	blt	1b    <--------- Shouldn't this be bgt ???

Jeff Kowing
jeffrey.d.kowing1 at jsc.nasa.gov

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