Tom Gall tom_gall at
Thu Nov 29 09:15:26 EST 2001

Paul Mackerras wrote:
> I want to rename CONFIG_ALL_PPC to CONFIG_PREP_PMAC_CHRP in the
> linuxppc_2_4_devel tree (or if anyone can suggest a better name I'll
> use that).
> Does anyone object to this?

Hmmm well not that I object because I don't... but I am working on this POP
board here and technically speaking it's the next in the great PREP / PMAC /
CHRP chain...


I'm hopeful in the end it'll fall into the CHRP catagory but some of these
firmware differences could be a bear to resolve. But I might be a little
over-alarmist too...



> Paul.

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