gratuitous complexity

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Tue Nov 27 23:02:57 EST 2001

I was innocently browsing through include/asm-ppc/gt64260.h when I
came across this:

#ifndef	TRUE
#define	TRUE	(0 == 0)

#ifndef	FALSE
#define	FALSE	(0 != 0)

I nearly lost my dinner!  It's just not fair to spring something that
awful on people without at least a warning for those with weak
stomachs. :)

Seriously though, it is unnecessarily complex.  If you want to use TRUE
and FALSE, define them as 1 and 0.  The C language standard specifies
that 0 is false and anything non-zero is true.

I also wonder why we need so many functions to access the gt64260 -
there are 19 different functions of the form gt64250*_set_*, which
seems completely over the top to me.  How many of them actually get


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