xfree86/fbdevhw not sending right mode to radeonfb.c

Michel Dänzer michdaen at iiic.ethz.ch
Sun Nov 25 04:38:42 EST 2001

On Wed, 2001-11-21 at 20:42, Kevin B. Hendricks wrote:

> FYI: Well I finally figured out what was up.  It seems the first thing the
> special code for "DFPValidateModes" in radeon_driver.c does is delete all
> modes since the timing info is technically not needed by them for DFP.
> That is just a pisser since it removes the completely valid mode I had
> placed into the XF86Config-4 for just that reason.
> So no great mystery but I just don't think they should do that when using
> fbdevhw.

So fix it and submit a patch. ;)

> That is only part of the problem, the other is that if you change the
> depth from what is used by the frame buffer it does mess up as others have
> reported.

I believe Ben's work on radeonfb should fix this.

We were talking about different resolutions, which probably breaks due
to the fbdev driver.

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