Again with the firewire

benh at benh at
Thu Nov 22 21:59:13 EST 2001

>After loading the modules, there is no /proc/ohci1394 as I remember from
>earllier versions of linux1394.
>When I plug in a firewire device the keyboard becomes unusable, but the
>machine doesn't crash, I can reboot it via ssh.
>I get no error messages in /var/log/messages.
>Do you have any idea why it doesn't work? I tried the same on a friends
>Pismo an had the same effects!

Forget about /proc/ohci1394, it was bogus anyway.

Since you can log via ssh, can you send me the dmesg log that gets
displayed when you plug your device ? Eventulally, compile with the
excessive debugging output enabled in .config, and send me a log
with that too.


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