sleep: trackpad settings, screen blanking

Michael Schmitz schmitz at
Thu Nov 22 02:54:21 EST 2001

> > >2) Trackpad settings aren't restored (or saved beforehand?) after
> > >   sleep.  Same questions apply.
> > That's normal for now.
> I see... is anyone working on it? "KOBAYASHI R. Taizo" sent me a patch
> that he says does it...  I suppose I don't have the time in any case
> (nor much knowledge).

IIRC the problem was with asynchronous ADB resetup after sleep; pmud
doesn't wait for that to finish and restores settings that are
subsequently cleares by the bus resetup. BenH thought about ways to fix
this, nothing final yet (that's why it reads 'for now' above :-).


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