xfree86/fbdevhw not sending right mode to radeonfb.c

Michel Dänzer michdaen at iiic.ethz.ch
Mon Nov 19 04:31:18 EST 2001

On Sun, 2001-11-18 at 15:12, Kevin B. Hendricks wrote:
> I am still working on the radeon driver for XFree86 and trying to get the
> useFBDev options to work properly.
> I have a properly constructued mode line in my XF86Config-4 which I
> specifiy.
> However when the XFree86 radeon_driver passes this initial mode to the
> radeonfb.c kernel framebuffer driver, most of the mode information is
> missing (no detailed timing info, just xres and yres, etc.
> The radeonfb.c messes up when this incomplete mode information is passed
> to it (from fbdevHWModeInit ?).
> So where should I look to see where this is messing up.  It does not
> appear to be an issue with the framebuffer kernel driver since it is the
> victim of the receiving end of the bad data.
> It is almost like the the xfree86 code that parses the XF86Config-4 config
> file is not properly grabbing the specific mode information (or somehow
> later it is being mangled).
> Any hints or guidance of where to look in xfree86, would be greatly
> appreciated.

fbdevHW and fbdevHWModeInit in particular are probably good places to
start. If you enable debugging in fbdevHW, it will print detailed mode

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