[PATCH] Fixups for Longtrail (2.4.14-pre7)

benh at kernel.crashing.org benh at kernel.crashing.org
Sun Nov 4 19:07:38 EST 2001

>Hey all.  I pulled out my Longtrail to play again, and I found some
>wierd problems.  If I keep the 'default' type cards in it (What I
>_think_ are the original video & ethernet, or at least known-OF-happy
>ones), the box actually works.  But If I throw in a PC video card
>(Matrox Millennium 1 in this case) I get oopses all over the place.  I
>think the problem is that the firmware doesn't go and set all of the
>properties, so lots of strcmp's blow up.  The followig gets me both
>video cards (and I even logged into a mingetty on 'em) and seems to be
>OK with some light testing.  Now the question is, is the following patch
>worth pushing?  It does fix some technical problems, but I'm willing to
>bet only Longtrail is bitten.  Comments?

Your patch is right, I also noticed a few oldworld macs do have
missing required properties here or there.

Olaf also found a case in offb where we don't test for the
node pointer to be NULL before calling device_is_compatible,
which is wrong as the bootx case will pass NULL. I'll push a
fix as soon as I'm back, that is in a few hours now ;)


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