Video drivers and XFree86 4

Mike Willhide moridin at
Mon May 7 11:05:41 EST 2001

    It's been a while since I've messed with LinuxPPC, but I may have to put
it back on my machine, given that OS X is a no go, and I hate OS 9.  I
remember that in order to have an accelerated x server with 3.3.6 you needed
both a driver to put into the kernel and an x server that is accelerated for
your particular card.  Has 4.0.x done away with the necessity of multiple x
    If so, do you only need to have a driver for the particular card to get
x accelerated (is a driver for x a different thing than a driver for the
    Also, does anyone know the status of the Radeon drivers for LinuxPPC?

Michael Willhide
moridin at

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