Airport in BenH's kernels

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Mon May 7 08:53:45 EST 2001

>OK - I'm not a major C hacker but I'm trying to get a good feel for the
>driver with my interest in 802.11b generally.  What seems interesting is
>that the MacOS software config's the card so that a linux box running
>managed mode can pick it up easily.  It seems to be the most accesible
>point to access to infrastructure mode.
>I'd like to look into writing stuff for this - as well as potentially
>some user space stuff for ad-hoc networking.  I probably need some
>pointers on endian clean programming but just a url/book ref and I'll get
>stuck in.

You should really contact Jean Tourrilhes <jt at>

He's the one who know the most about all this (and he maintains the
wireless tools)


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