Success! (was Re: External Monitor under Pismo)

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Sat May 5 00:13:40 EST 2001

>So mirroring will work, i guess.

Well, it works fine on the Pismo, but the composite output may need
additional configuration of the composite encoder.

>for dual head you will need X, isn't it, fbdev seems broken (well at least
>those using fbgen) for dualhead anyway. Don't know if aty128fb uses fbdev.
>BTW, how does the rage 128 work, it has 1 accel engine that draws to the
>framebuffer memory, and one or more ramdac or digital out ports that send the
>fb data to the displays.

There are so many revisions... who knows ! The "dual head" chips do like you
said: one accel engine and 2 CRTCs & DACs.

>So i suppose the you will need to use a trick similar to the matrox one
to get
>dual headed accelerated X to work.
>But could it be possible to block this in hardware, and thus force mirroring
>only operation ?
>How many different rage 128 mobility are around anyway ?

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