rearrangements in linuxppc_2_4_devel

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Wed Jun 27 22:43:31 EST 2001

Adrian Cox writes:

> APUS is probably broken, because it believes that it can call
> parse_bootinfo with a pointer to the boot records. From apus_setup.c:

APUS uses the m68k bootinfo format anyway, which ours is gratuitously
different from.  The apus booter probably does pass the address in a
register, which would actually be the sensible thing to do. :)

> Paul: would you take patches that moved some of this stuff into header
> files, and if so, which header file would you like all the miscellaneous
> setup functions to move into?

Ummm, it would depend which functions you're talking about.  There is
certainly an argument for having a couple more .h files in
arch/ppc/kernel to declare functions that are used only in


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