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Adrian Cox adrian at
Wed Jun 27 21:51:06 EST 2001

Paul Mackerras wrote:

> The next thing I would like to do, which I haven't done yet, is to
> avoid the need to have a separate _MACH_xxx define for each platform.
> I would see _machine as distinguishing between different types of
> machine that count as a single platform, rather than distinguishing
> between platforms.  (We distinguish between platforms by their config
> options.)  Thus I don't see any need for anything more than
> _MACH_prep, _MACH_Pmac and _MACH_chrp.

I've not bothered to create new _MACH_xxx defines for my boards. The
only boards in the tree that will require any code changes to eliminate
are Gemini and APUS.

> With those changes, I think that adding a new platform should only
> require adding stuff to arch/ppc/, arch/ppc/kernel/Makefile,
> and adding a new xxx_setup.c file.
> Comments?

I just ported one of my boards to this - the code is now a lot more

APUS is probably broken, because it believes that it can call
parse_bootinfo with a pointer to the boot records. From apus_setup.c:

void platform_init(unsigned long r3, unsigned long r4, unsigned long r5,
		   unsigned long r6, unsigned long r7)
	extern int parse_bootinfo(const struct bi_record *);
	extern char _end[];

	/* Parse bootinfo. The bootinfo is located right after
            the kernel bss */
	parse_bootinfo((const struct bi_record *)&_end);

Why do people keep sticking function declarations into each C file,
rather than in headers where they belong? I keep finding consistency
problems like this.

Paul: would you take patches that moved some of this stuff into header
files, and if so, which header file would you like all the miscellaneous
setup functions to move into?

Adrian Cox

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