powermac (other ppc?) events

Joseph P. Garcia jpgarcia at execpc.com
Thu Jul 19 09:22:19 EST 2001


Oops.  forgot to post to the list.

On Thu, 19 Jul 2001 00:01:03 +0100
"Iain Sandoe" <iain at sandoe.co.uk> wrote:
> >> this *should properly* be handled by the dmasound driver - it needs to
> >> understand the sound hardware (and on some models shares interrupts with
> >> other sound stuff)
> >
> > I had this implemented in a patch posted long long ago (mac-like sound
> > controls iirc).  Mostly met with 'I like dual volume controls'.  Given
> > that, it should be runtime disable-able.  so that would mean either another
> > event for our daemon, a proc interface, or an ioctl.  Preference?
> well, it's not possible on all models to have the twin volume controls - it
> works on the G3/Beige - which I'm sitting at - and, I think, on some of my
> other machines ... but the headphone level is not independently split out
> (IIRC) on, say, the iMac - (correct me if wrong - I haven't got round to
> looking at it yet)...

Here's where the original post was.  thread easily followable from there.


I recall my implementation was a little flaky in the sleep department, but the core interupt and register handling is in there.  under AUDIO_SWITCHING defines.  its interwoven into an earlier version of the volume controls that someone else
provided.  And this was written for 2.2.

It's a start, but not at all useful as is.

Hope this helps.

Joseph P. Garcia

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