Booting 43P-140

Leigh Brown leigh at
Thu Jul 12 18:09:13 EST 2001

Hi all,

I forward ported Todd Inglett's 43P-140 patches to 2.4.7pre4 and tried to
boot - no joy.  I then found a 43P-140 image on SuSE's web site and tried
that - no joy.  Here are the steps I took:

1. I dd'd the image onto a floppy (get some result with both images)
2. I set the bootlist in AIX to floppy followed by hdisk0.
3. I set up the machine to boot from tty0 (using my trusty Psion 5).
4. I boot the machine, it displays the "Loading Software" screen on
   the terminal and reads about the right amount of data from the floppy.
5. I get no messages, just a newline emitted at the end - the LED gets
   stuck on F05 (I think, I didn't write it down).

Pointers to what to do next would be gratefully received - I am very keen
on getting Linux going on this box (I couldn't afford a bigger one :-) and
will be able to help with testing kernels and so on once its up and running.



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