MBX860 - minicom trouble continues

Sid sid at innvo.com
Wed Feb 28 13:14:47 EST 2001

Hi all,

I managed to construct a temporary power supply and get the board running.
I also got the (till now missing) original documentation for the board from
Motorola website. I have found out how essential this was. :)

Now all the correct lights light up and the CPU light keeps blinking. I
this means that the CPU is active. The problem is, instead of getting an
EPPCBug prompt on minicom, I get a series of outputs on the screen which say
"ABCDEFGHz". Nothing else happens.

This happens whether I select the ROM or the FLASH as the source of the
debugger. My board is an MBX860-006C.

Is this normal? Please suggest troubleshooting steps.

Thank you for your time.

sid at siddhartha.8m.com

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> > Hi,
> >
> > please check your cables. I think its a handshaking problem.
> >
> > \Charlie.
> Hi,
> I discovered the reason. My 3.3 V input pin was only receiving 1.8V and
> the lights were not turning on.
> This is because I couldn't find a standard power supply for this board and
> had to make a make-shift one and apparently the load on the 3.3V pin is so
> high that my power supply can't handle it.
> Could anyone using this board tell me what kind of power supply they are
> using on this board? Maybe even the expected load resistance at normal
> operation, so that I have a rough gauge of the Input current required to
> drive it at 3.3V.
> Do power pcs have a different lkind of power supply than the i386
> As in the Voltage/Current specs.
> Thank you once again.
> regards,
> Sid
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