MBX860 - minicom

Sid sid at innvo.com
Tue Feb 27 04:06:21 EST 2001

> Hi,
> please check your cables. I think its a handshaking problem.
> \Charlie.


I discovered the reason. My 3.3 V input pin was only receiving 1.8V and all
the lights were not turning on.

This is because I couldn't find a standard power supply for this board and I
had to make a make-shift one and apparently the load on the 3.3V pin is so
high that my power supply can't handle it.

Could anyone using this board tell me what kind of power supply they are
using on this board? Maybe even the expected load resistance at normal
operation, so that I have a rough gauge of the Input current required to
drive it at 3.3V.

Do power pcs have a different lkind of power supply than the i386 machines?
As in the Voltage/Current specs.

Thank you once again.

sid at siddhartha.8m.com

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