psurge quad droping to xmon with pauluas and bk 2_4 trees

Mark Guertin mguertin at
Wed Feb 7 16:16:31 EST 2001

Hello all

With the latest paulus 2.4.0 tree and linuxppc_2_4 my Daystar quad
(psurge machine) drops to xmon at bootup.  It goes through the initial
bootup texts and drops to xmon right before it would normally kick over
to the 4 penguins... info as follows

smp_psruge_kick_cpu - done
found cpu 3

cpu 0: vector: 0 at pc = c0035494, lr = c0035494, msr = 9032, sp =
c04cfdd0 [c04cfd18]
current = c04ce000, pid = 1, comm = swapper


c0035414 t smp_call_function_all_cpus

This happens with both new kernels (smp.c is identical in both kernels
ATM).  If anyting else is need I would be glad to help.


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