ethtool failure with tulip 21143

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Mon Dec 17 05:25:08 EST 2001

>I have a PowerPC 6500 with a Farallon 10/100 PCI card connected to a
>Netgear 10/100 switch. I have never gotten this card to work right in
>this box. If the number of packets is small, the connection seems to
>work, but any increase in the number of packets (my theory) causes
>the interface/NIC to choke up. I'm using 2.4.14 (bk).
>I downloaded Jeff Garzik's ethtool to work on this, but I'm hitting a
>brick wall rather rapidly. As per dmesg:

Jeff, afaik, this one has the broken bridge I told you about.

Stephan, I'll send you a hack to try out with de4x5 later today.


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