iMac / ATI Rage 128 Pro TR

David Given dg at
Sat Dec 15 01:26:36 EST 2001

On Friday 14 December 2001 13:26, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> >Unfortunately, it uses a rather odd video card, a Rage Pro TR (id
> > 1002.5452). The kernel does not support this, so I'm stuck with the Open
> > Firmware driver at 800x600x8. I've tried modifying the kernel so that
> > it's treated as any other Rage Pro, but the kernel seg faults.
> Are you sure this isn't a Rage 128 Pro ? It's driven by aty128fb

It is a Rage 128 Pro, but a variant that aty128fb doesn't know about; the PCI
ID isn't even defined in the kernel. I tried adding it but it didn't work, so
presumably it's doing something rather different to the ordinary Rage 128

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