iMac / ATI Rage 128 Pro TR

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Sat Dec 15 00:26:48 EST 2001

>We've just replaced our elderly PowerMac 8200/120 with a nice iMac. Ten times
>the memory, five times the processor speed, twenty times the disk space, and
>a tiny fraction of the grief.
>Unfortunately, it uses a rather odd video card, a Rage Pro TR (id 1002.5452).
>The kernel does not support this, so I'm stuck with the Open Firmware driver
>at 800x600x8. I've tried modifying the kernel so that it's treated as any
>other Rage Pro, but the kernel seg faults.
>Now, the reason why I'm posting here is that the Debian kernel I originally
>booted from *did* support it. It claimed to be 2.2.0-pmac. Does anyone know
>if an equivalent patch is available for a 2.4-series kernel (which we have to
>use for development reasons)? Alternatively, is there anywhere I haven't
>found yet that I should be looking?
>(Oh, yes. And does anyone know how to work out what revision an iMac is? It's
>dark blue with a CDROM, if that's any help.)

Are you sure this isn't a Rage 128 Pro ? It's driven by aty128fb


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