Why require CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT for so much of offb?

Peter Bergner bergner at brule.borg.umn.edu
Thu Dec 13 06:05:22 EST 2001

: So here are my questions:
:     * Is there a way around this?
:     * Is the test for BootX at the start of offb_init() somehow
:       insufficient, such that all of this code must be eliminated if
:       non-BootX booting is to work?
:     * Or is there in fact a hard dependency of that code on other stuff
:       provided by CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT?
:     * Is there some way of separating the two, so a single kernel can
:       work with BootX and with all versions of OpenFirmware?
:     * What's the point of offb without this section of code?

I believe I'm the person responsible for adding the #ifdef CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT
to the code.   IIRC (it's been a while), the problem with that code is that
when compiling the ppc64 kernel, you get a compile error when building that

    offb.c:38:23: asm/bootx.h: No such file or directory

Given that bootx doesn't exist in ppc64 and the code seemed to be used
_only_ for bootx, I wrapped it with the "#ifdef CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT".
Since it's a problem for you, replacing the uses of "#ifdef CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT"
(there are 3 uses of it) with "#ifndef CONFIG_PPC64" instead would probably
work for me and fix your problem too.


Peter Bergner
SLIC Optimizing Translator Development / Linux PPC64 Kernel Development
IBM Rochester, MN

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