Why require CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT for so much of offb?

Adam C Powell IV hazelsct at mit.edu
Tue Dec 11 15:11:04 EST 2001


Somewhere between 2.4.8 and 2.4.12, the benh kernel (used by Dan
Jacobowitz in Debian) wrapped much of offb_init() in

As a result of this, the Debian kernel images, which do not set
CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT because of oldworld OF problems, cannot open video
using BootX (unless you specify e.g. video=atyfb...).

So here are my questions:

    * Is there a way around this?
    * Is the test for BootX at the start of offb_init() somehow
      insufficient, such that all of this code must be eliminated if
      non-BootX booting is to work?
    * Or is there in fact a hard dependency of that code on other stuff
      provided by CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT?
    * Is there some way of separating the two, so a single kernel can
      work with BootX and with all versions of OpenFirmware?
    * What's the point of offb without this section of code?

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-Adam P.

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