2.4.17-pre[12]-ben0 trees hang on unsuspend

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Wed Dec 5 10:12:35 EST 2001

>i'm seeing the same, but on 2.4.16-ben0 on a pismo powerbook.
>it does not happen every time, but often enough to be almost
>i *think* it gets triggered when i hit a button immediately after
>the screen has blanked. when i wait a couple of seconds until the
>suspend led has started blinking, i get the machine back most of the
>when it dies, the hd comes up, but the screen remains black. i tried
>blind-typing "reboot" in a root shell, but nothing happened. i could
>not ssh into the box from outside. there are no ping echos.

Try the latest rsync and tell me if that still happens.


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