Rage128 support for resolutions less than panel resolution?

Derrik Pates dpates at dsdk12.net
Wed Dec 5 04:22:12 EST 2001

I know it's not in Ben's kernel yet, but I read something about adapting
the code that had been added to the Radeon framebuffer code to allow
resolutions lower than the LCD panel's native resolution (like on
laptops). I tried looking at the radeonfb source, and it's looking up a
devnode property on the display device that I don't see on this iBook
FireWire I'm using. (Specifically in the EDID reading code.)

What would need to be done to get (and set?) the EDID parameters on a
Rage128 with an LCD panel to make lower-than-native resolutions work on
the display? Any pointers?

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