Status of IrDA?

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Wed Dec 5 03:42:35 EST 2001

>not too long ago somebody posted patches to make IrDA work on a
>PowerBook using kernel 2.4.12-benh. Did these patches ever made
>its way into a recent benh kernel? The last kernel looks like they
>were not included but also had some changes which won't allow
>to use the patches for 2.4.12 anymore.
>All I got so far, was some promising output from irdadump, but
>connecting to my phone with minicom by using ircomm0 failed.
>Any chance to make IrDA work on PowerBooks?

Fixes were done differently, but were included. The current
bk PPC kernels (or my rsync tree) should have working irda.


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