Max swap size ?

Michel Dänzer michdaen at
Wed Dec 5 03:14:12 EST 2001

On Tue, 2001-12-04 at 00:04, Christopher Murtagh wrote:

>  I have a machine running YDL (Dual 800Mhz, 1GB RAM) with a 2.4.13 SMP
> kernel (YellowDog's stock SMP kernel) that has a 512 MB swap partition.
> When I tried to install on other machines, they wouldn't boot with a swap
> partition that big, but for some reason this one did. It wasn't until
> after the other machines wouldn't boot did I notice in the TerraSoft docs
> that 256MB was the max.

That used to be the case before kernel 2.2 IIRC. Nowadays the limit is
in the gigabytes. FWIW I'm using a 400 meg swap partition without

> The machine ran beautifully until today when it did a nasty crash. My gut
> feeling is that it crashed when it tried to write to the swap for the
> first time as it was inching up to using almost all available RAM when
> it died.

Are you sure it only hit swap then? I can't remember ever seeing active
but completely unused swap space, even when RAM usage was low.

The bottom line is yes, you likely have another problem.

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