Max swap size ?

Christopher Murtagh christopher.murtagh at
Tue Dec 4 10:04:48 EST 2001


 I have a machine running YDL (Dual 800Mhz, 1GB RAM) with a 2.4.13 SMP
kernel (YellowDog's stock SMP kernel) that has a 512 MB swap partition.
When I tried to install on other machines, they wouldn't boot with a swap
partition that big, but for some reason this one did. It wasn't until
after the other machines wouldn't boot did I notice in the TerraSoft docs
that 256MB was the max. The machine ran beautifully until today when it
did a nasty crash. My gut feeling is that it crashed when it tried to
write to the swap for the first time as it was inching up to using almost
all available RAM when it died.

 So my question is: Is this a likely cause and will resizing the swap
partition fix this or do I have bigger problems? Any info would be much



 P.S. Many thanks to all PPC Linux hackers. My servers and desktop
machines run beautifully because of your work. If any of you come to Mtl,
look me up and I'll take you out for a drink (Beer, coffe, etc.) and some


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