PReP and generic PCI resource assignment

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Fri Aug 10 19:56:59 EST 2001

>You should initialize the parent pointers in the PCI bus structure with
>pointers to resources containing the correct region.
>I once hardcoded the parents for the LongTrail, but that code is gone. Now it
>tries to set up the parents from information in the OF device, which works
>more or less. There are (or were, read as in `were the last time I tried
it, a
>few months ago) still some problems, though. One of them is that the
>ISA motherboard resources (i8259 and legacy stuff) are requested before PCI
>resources are done, and that the PCI bus parent resources were not requested
>and thus don't appear in the full resource tree.

Parent pointer should be set properly nowadays on bk _2_4_devel at least.

However, the generic PCI code still wants to add that PCIBIOS_MIN_MEM
value when assigning resources, I bet we should probably #define that
to 0 on PPC.


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